read my essay please?

<p>It's 900ish words, so I think it needs to be shorter. Also, I JUST wrote it, so I know its not amazing. thats where this website should help!
i like the topic, i think its very "me," but i may be able to do it better.
soo let me know if youll help!</p>

<p>Sure thing! PM it to me and I'll see if I can find any redundancies to help you cut it down.</p>

<p>done! thanks a lot</p>

<p>anyone else?? please!</p>

<p>i'll read it as well if you pm me. your essay would be my first to revise on cc but i've revised my friends essays a lot.</p>

<p>ill read it</p>

<p>I'll read it and see if i can help you cut it down</p>

<p>unfortunately its a bit too long to fit in a personal message...! so if you guys were willing to email thatd be great. but if you arent, thats perfectly understandable. privacy is very important.</p>