Read my essay?

<p>it's option #5 of the common app.</p>

<p>i kind of wrote it just for fun, so tell me what you think i guess.</p>

<p>I can read it! And could you still read mine, now that you have the right post count? :-)</p>

<p>I can read it.</p>

<p>I can read it! :)</p>

<p>I can read it. Can you read mine?</p>

<p>I can read it if you still need help!</p>

<p>PM me, Columbia Class of 2016</p>

<p>FlaWless007, your other posts seem to suggest otherwise… you’re not a Columbia Student, you’re a rising seniors just like the rest of us. :)</p>

<p>I can read it if you want.</p>

<p>I think Flawless is a huge ■■■■■.</p>

<p>Uhm, my lil brother uses this account. He’s Flawless007, I actually am Columbia 2016, majoring in materials science with a minor in physics. On a side note, would you really kill for MIT…wow…dude that’s just sad. I think you should really get a new username.</p>

<p>Let’s not be mean on CC</p>