Read my final CommonApp essay?

<p>Hi... :)</p>

<p>The CommonApp is already submitted but I would really like some opinions on how my major essay is. I have had several editors, but it's still very hard for me to judge my own writing, so I will leave it up to some members of CC! </p>

<p>Could anyone read it and give me some feedback?</p>

<p>I'd like to read it.</p>

<p>I would like to read it as well. PM me and I'll give you some critique.</p>

<p>Sent to both... thanks for reading!</p>

<p>I'll be glad to read it. PM me it. What particular schools are you applying to?</p>

<p>It's already submitted - no need to second guess yourself. If you are still going to submit to other schools though, I will read it; otherwise, relax and enjoy yourself ^.^</p>

<p>I am submitting to other schools haha. Thank you though :) Anyone else wanna read it?</p>

<p>Hey I would like to!</p>

<p>I'll read it</p>

<p>Sent to both! Please respond when you have a chance :)</p>

<p>I'd like to read it !</p>

<p>I'll like to read it! I can probably reply back within 1-2 days of receiving it :)</p>

<p>I'd be happy to!</p>

<p>I'd love to read it!</p>

<p>I'll read it! :) PM me!</p>

<p>Sent to all :) Thanks for reading!!</p>