Read & Rate My College Essay

<p>I would really like it if you read my essay. Please feel free to correct any errors as you see fit. Also, please rate from 1-10.</p>

<p>Choose an intellectual or creative opportunity that you have enjoyed and highlight how you have grown personally because of the experience.</p>

<p>In my junior year of High School, my success in all my French classes allowed me a spot on the French Honor Society. I was really happy to join the Honor Society because it was a group of my friends and peers who shared my love of the French language. Through socializing with club members, I discovered my sense of humor and how a kind word can go a long way. Being in a club has certainly taught me how to be a team player and how to work well in a group setting to reach a common goal. I learned that being independent is different from being headstrong and ignoring input from others. There were always situations where the people around me did not have the same opinion as I did, but I learned to be respectful and listen to them even if I did not necessarily agree. Through tutoring lower level French students, I discovered my ability to be patient and my passion for helping others. When I joined the Honor Society, I saw it simply as an extracurricular activity but in the end it turned out to be a much needed, and much appreciated learning experience.</p>

<p>"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." Anais Nin</p>

<p>From freshman year to now, we know that you have interacted with a number people in your high school who are different from you and have affected who you are now. Tell us about one such relationship, with a focus on the details of your interaction, not the person.</p>

<p>This year, I had the pleasure of getting to know someone I would not usually acquaint myself with. At first, her loud and obnoxious behavior just plain scared me.She and I were polar opposites and I just was not keen on getting to know her. I was paired up with her to work on some classwork and soon discovered that I was completely wrong. I guess that whole opposites attract saying has some truth to it. Being around her, I found myself laughing a lot more because we had actually had a lot in common hence we had more things to talk about. Thanks to her, I shed my normally shy demeanor and talked a lot more in class. I discovered a new side to my sense of humor and how outgoing I could be. I learned that I have to laugh at myself sometimes. When I learned that her father had died of a sudden heart attack the year before, I immediately understood her need to be so abundantly happy. It was her coping mechanism. Seeing her positive outlook despite what had happened, I promised myself that I would never let anything insignificant get me down.</p>

<p>Tell us an interesting or amusing story about yourself that you have not already shared in your application.</p>

<p>Last Christmas, on a trip to Nigeria for the holidays, my family and I were stranded in a German airport for three days. It was probably a bad idea to travel mid-winter what with the snow and all. Anyways, while I blamed Mother Nature, ground control decided to play it safe and make us wait it out. You can only read an Archie comic so many times before the colors mix and you can predict what it says on the next page so I decided to people watch. Everywhere, passengers were bickering over cots, noise levels and just about everything else. It was like a gate full of angry New Yorkers. Some even went as far as to get intoxicated. There's nothing quite like watching someone run and throw up at the same time. The highlight, though, came when I saw a small man bull rush another man twice his size because they had had a few words. Of course the smaller man lost the fight once Goliath got his bearings but I was rooting for him. Thankfully, the snow cleared and soon enough we were on our way home. It was fun though I would not do it again. </p>

<p>"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent." Victor Hugo</p>

<p>If someone were to look at your music collection right now, they would probably know a great deal about who you are. Individuals are drawn to music, and each song conveys something about that person. Select a musical piece to be your theme song. Tell us what it would be, and more specifically, why it represents who you are. </p>

<p>If I were to choose a song as my theme song, it would be “Superwoman” by Alicia Keys. I would choose this song because it inspires me to apply the best version of myself in everything that I do and to try my absolute hardest to succeed in whatever I set out to accomplish. Alicia Keys’ voice beautifully conveys the message of the song, which outlines the struggles of women from different sides of society and parts of the world. The lyrics read like an empowerment speech, encouraging women to pursue their dreams, keep their heads up and never give up hope that better days will come. This song represents who I am because its never give up message rings true with my personality because I consider myself a fighter. I always do what it takes to work hard and be the best. This song is an inspirational number that makes me remember that I am indeed a Superwoman and for that reason I can accomplish any goals that I set my mind to, near or far.</p>