Reading and Writing score won't get better.

8 months ago I took my first practice SAT with never seeing the test before and came back with a 700 on reading+writting. Since then I have consistently been scoring between 690-710 for reading+ writing on all my practice tests and on the December SAT. Since my score wasn’t improving I took an SAT Prep class for March but still ended up with a 700 for reading+writting.

I understand that a 700 is a great score but since I would like to pursue journalism at a top school so I would like to raise my reading+writing score higher (30- 60 points)

I am wondering if anyone has any tips that I can use to try and increase my score. My biggest issue on reading is time and on writing is grammar (I know the rules but find it hard to use them in the context). Any tips on how to increase my score would be much appreciated.

Ps: I am taking my next SAT in June

Do you finish just in time or do you finish early?

Have you gone through all of your missed questions and looked for themes? This may be excruciating - but maybe you could try try writing down each of your missed questions in a notebook and characterizing what exactly that question was trying to test. If you discover a pattern (i.e. you miss a lot of ‘where does this sentence belong’ questions) then at the end of your practice test, go back and reconsider all of the questions of that type.