Reading instead of studying

<p>Is it fine that I would rather read for fun all day instead of studying? I finally started to question my doing this after I read my third book in three days and my fifth in seven days. I still do my homework and study when I have to, but I rush through it so I can read what I want to. I actually have 18 hours this semester and I have three midterms this week. Still, I am not worried about them since I think my classes are really easy. I have read probably 75 books this academic year and I have gotten A's in all my classes, but am I in the middle of a bad habit that puts pleasure above work? It is not like I read comic books. I actually read the New York Times and nonfiction history books or classic novels by Hemingway or Remarque. Reading and learning what I want to is so much more interesting and productive than the trivial lectures and discussions I am in. I even read during lecture. Am I crazy, intellectual, or too arrogant to succeed in college?</p>

<p>If you're doing well in class, you can spend your time however the heck you want.</p>

<p>You're asking if you sound arrogant?</p>

<p>You said you're making As- so what's the problem? As long as you recognize a need to occasionally put down a book and go outside/eat/talk to real people, you're doing fine.</p>

<p>And maybe you can use your passions for reading for something related to a club at college, a minor, or even something having to do with your future career.</p>

<p>Is this thread a joke?</p>