Reading Program? Help!

<p>I recently decided to begin a Book Club at my school and I consulted with the librarian who said I am welcome to use the library after school for meet ups and that she will help me with this club. But, I started asking people if they were interested in joining and not a lot of people responded with an excited "YES" all I received was a somewhat yes or a "I wish I could join but I don't have time". It frustrates me because I really wanted to have a club full of members and though I did not make announcements for this club the recent responses I've been receiving are not ones that I want to hear. Nobody has time. So I figured that I could start an after school program in my school library that helps low-income children or any child who wants to join how to read. Or we could just read for fun. I'm not exactly sure how to start this but I need everybody's help! I do not know how to start this exactly but I am excited to help children with their reading and I want to get them excited about books and stuff. So if anybody have any ideas or suggestons please help me!</p>

<p>You could put up posters at your local library or try to get some attention from your local paper.</p>

<p>Are there bulletin boards on the walls of your hallways? You could ask if there's any way you could advertise around school.</p>

<p>Thanks so far to everybody responding! There are bulletin boards and I am going to advertise. I really want help on how the club should function, and which idea I should go with? Book Club? Or Reading Program? Should I do it once or twice a week, an hour or so?</p>

<p>It depinds on you, a Reading Program sounds great and you get to help people in turn where as a Book Club is almost like a fetish for your friends and yourself. It depinds on what you like better (I run a Book club at my high school so if you have any questions on a Book Club, let me know).</p>