Ready for ivy? Help :)

<p>I'm helping a friend here. So serious comments would be appreciated (sorry for my spelling)
She will be a senior next year. We are attending a public school, and she top 10 of my class.
Unweighted GPA 4.0
Volunteer hours 200+
Asian (bilingual can speak Korean, English, Portuguese)</p>


<p>9th (all A's)
Geometry A
Honors English A
Biology CM A
History U.S A </p>

<p>10th (all A's)
Ap Gov A
Honors English A
Pre-Calc A
Honors Chem A
(my school doesn't allow students to take more than 1 ap in their sophomore year :P)</p>

<p>11th (all A's)
AP Chemistry A
AP U.S history A
AP Pyschology A
AP Calc A
Honors English A</p>

<p>12th (hopefully good grades)
AP Physics
AP English 12
AP Calc
AP Biology</p>


<p>Orchestra- about 5 years....cello second chair
Vounteer at local zoo
French National Society (historian?)
National Honor Society
National Science Soceity
Writing club (editor)
Art club (secretary)
Math club (alpha...?)
Soccer 2 years (not in varsity)</p>

<p>SAT scores</p>

<p>2200 SAT
took 3 more SAT subject test but don't know the grade, but she did good.(as she tells me)
Scored 2 4s and rest are all 5s</p>

<p>thank you for reading</p>

<p>Not bad but a 2300 or better SAT I would probably increase the chances</p>