Ready for MCAT???

<p>My MCAT test is scheduled in Sept. I am getting panic and not sure if i am ready for it. I have scored around upper 20 on several of my Kaplan's practice tests. Should I take the test in Sept and if not feel comfotable with the performance then cancel the score or Should I just delay the testing until next year??? How many times I should take the test? When is the best time to take it? Please advise.</p>

<p>If you don't feel ready don't take it, the ideal number of times to take the MCAT is 1. When you take it doesn't matter so long as you take it before June/July of the year you are applying (meaning you would apply immediately after taking the MCAT). There are rumors that the difficulty can vary based on those you are competing with at a given time of the year, but I don't think that is valid anymore because the MCAT is graded against a standardized curve unrelated to the test takers I believe.</p>