Real Estate Development (calling alexandre & others)

<p>I was wondering, what sort of background does one need to get into real estate development? Is it really just having good ideas and a lot of money at your disposal? Is there a common degree that most people in this field have? Do you work your way up from small ideas to trump-esque skyscrapers? Any information regarding this topic would be very valuable to me.</p>

<p>First get your real estate license. The you have to work your way up and be an extreme risk taker. It doesn't hurt to have money to start out with also. People forget that the Donald's dad was also a millionaire, he just took it to another level by seeing oppurtunities where others didn't.</p>

<p>Engineering helps. Knowing what it takes to actually build projects helps. Understanding financing and sales are also important.</p>

<p>Most of the real estate developers I have seen started out as either real estate agents/brokers, home builders, or spin offs of existing development companies. In some areas, developers focus on land development such as buying land, applying for zoning changes, putting in utility lines, and then selling lots to builders. Other developers are really just home builders or commercial building builders. And some developers handle both land/subdivison development and home/office building. </p>

<p>There are so many small judgments that have to be made on a daily basis, only solid experience will prepare you to be a developer. </p>

<p>You do not need an engineering degree. You do not need an architect's degree. You do not need a finance degree. You do not need a law degree. On the other hand, all of them could help. If I were you, I would get an undergraduate degree in buildling construction or in construction management. A lot of large state universities have these types of degrees. Then I would get a job with a large developer. Then I would go out on my own after saving up a lot of money. Then I would pray that the market does not go into recession because if it does bankruptcy is a near certainty.</p>

<p>If you want to break into that field, then get a job as a commerical and/or real estate agent, work at a construction company, work for a real estate investment firm or work at a real estate development firm or an investment banking/private equity firm that specializes in Real Estate or a REIT firm. That will take you to the path of becoming a developer.</p>