real quick question about SAT IIs

<p>hey, gonna take SAT IIs on june 4th or whatever, but before i register i wanna make sure-- does it matter what tests i taek? I thinking about taking Math IIc (like everyone else), along with US History and English Literature. anything wrong with that? does it really matter what subjects i take?</p>



<p>ok obviously this is a stupid question since no one is responding, but come on someone help me out plz, its just a yes/no thing</p>

<p>thanks again</p>

<p>It looks like you're planning on taking a nice spread of tests...that should satisfy just about any school's requirements. Seems fine to me.</p>

<p>Make sure you take the real SAT II practice tests to see what to expect, and prep where you need to...</p>

<p>Sounds good, well spread out, matching most school's requirements.</p>

<p>I recommend you take a science sometime if you haven't already, if you're a junior then you can take one in October.</p>