real real rought draft of essay need advice

<p>this is real rought not even done but i want to know if im goign the right direction and what you guys think of the writing. and once again real rought so i am sorry for the gramemr and spelling and bad sentencse.</p>

<p>topic: what makes you diverse and what experiences that you have that makes you diverse will you bring to the campus</p>

<p>My arm lifts away from my side and I reach for the Spanish taco as I take a sip from my glass of Brazilian soda. Trying to maneuver through the crowd I see different booths filled with posters, food, and people dressed in foreign clothing. It was a collusion of cultures with all the different types of people there. The languages, culture, and people hit with a flash with all the images on the wall and the people dressed up in costumes. I am hit back to reality, when I felt a hand on my shoulder; I hear the voice of my friend and turn around. Smashing food into his mouth he says in a mumble voice<br>
“Yo, you have to try this its so good,”
I look down at his hand and with a sense of pride inside me I reply “you like those, my mom cooked them they are Filipino finger foods.” Amazed by this, he stuffs another one into his mouth and says, “ Wow didn’t know Filipino food was this good.” I put my arm around him and we walk down the row of booths looking at the Indian dancers and I say, “ I bet we don’t know a lot of things about other cultures.”
Walking down the rows of booths in the gym during my school’s international night, I was brought back to that yellow painted house in the Philippines. I remembered the sunny days in my hometown Cabanatuan, where I lived with my grandparents. Now 10 years later and 10 years older with new experiences of America, I see myself still in that yellow painted house in so many ways.
My friend replied to me “yah we don’t know a lot about each other’s culture” I talked to him telling him how at home I talked tagalong with my parents and how I was always respectfully to my elders a common aspect of my culture. It was odd because I never really did talk to anyone about my culture until I as surrounded by other cultures. I spoke with pride in my voice ad my friend replied back with curiosity. I remembered all my cousins’ faces back in the Philippines and remembered their lasting effect on me. As we strolled down the gym looking at everyone’s cultures, I just smiled knowing that I had a culture that was close to me to.</p>