Realistic Chance/and match

My daughter is a rising senior and our guidance counselor believes that Northwestern is the best choice for her. She is interested in both Communications and musical performance(vocal). Probably a minor in the music.
GPA is 4.4 weighted but first try on SAT's seem low for this school, 2000. </p>

<p>Don't have the class rank yet, but it will be in the top 5% of a class of 300 something.
EC she is extremely involved : Senior year president of prestigious Chorale (run by all Westminster trained, Carnegie Hall every year), elite Jazz choir, Piano awards, Female lead in Musical for 2 years, Drama Club president, Student Counsel Officer for 2 years, Volunteer for Autism since 7th grade included her own event Sophomore year.
An editor of School Newspaper last year- this year independent study/ Editor in Chief of High School Paper.</p>

<p>Hoping that her EC will compensate for weaker SAT-she will try again in October to bump up score. Please Advise.</p>

<p>Hi Artspeak~My two cents....Academically, and EC's point to a good match w/Northwestern. Her SAT's however, casts some doubt. Has she thought about taking the ACT? She may score higher with their format. Has she taken any SAT IIs? Score 700+? And, did she take any AP exams? Did she score 4/5's?...I am not as versed in the Communications major as I am Theater.(DD is in the Theater program) I would encourage her to apply to NU, based on her WGPA and her EC's.</p>

<p>I agree that she should try the ACT.
Also, what is her UNweighted GPA? And you didn't indicate how rigorous her curriculum ahs been relative to the hardest courses available at her school. AP courses? If so, which ones, and what scores did she get on any taken until now?
I agree with you that the ECs are strong, and might suggest a good match at the Communications School.</p>

<p>Yeah those SAT scores are almost prohibitive depending on the breakdown since I think that NU really doesn't care about the writing section since they only talk about CR + M.</p>

<p>EC's are strong, but nothing too superlative by NU standards.</p>

<p>The communications school does have slightly lower standards for test scores I believe, so that's definitely her best chance.</p>