Reality check for rising junior? Weak test scores and unimpressive EC's...

Hi, I’m about to be a junior in high school and I’m looking for a bit of a reality check here. I’m a white girl from Georgia if that helps at all…
GPA (UW): 3.93
PSAT: 1480 (760 verbal, 720 math)
AP: Human Geography (5), Biology (5), World History (5)
Junior courses: AP US History, AP Calculus BC, AP Physics I, AP English Language & Composition, French 4 Honors, Drama
EC’s: theatre, cross country, golf, church volunteering - I’m going to start volunteering with the Red Cross as well and I’m trying to start a Science Olympiad team at my school
Intended major: biology
Right now I’m looking at Columbia and MIT as pipe dreams, Vanderbilt and Johns Hopkins as reaches, Georgia Tech as a match, and Georgia and Auburn as safeties. Is this reasonable?

Your extracurriculars are extremely weak for both of your “pipe dream” schools as columbia values work experience and for MIT you just need to be perfect. Then again it is a dream so why not. If your essays are beyond stellar you have a chance. The rest depends on your major. If you’re going into something like marketing at johns hopkins, shouldn’t be too hard. If you’re going into bio, it should be one of your dream schools too. Good luck

Thanks @FiddleMySticks

@OneNormalKnight EC’s are very lacking, however I don’t know why you say you have weak test scores. GPA and tests are good! However, I think your dream schools are unrealistic, sorry!! :frowning: But you have a chance at many baby ivies!
Good luck !

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GPA and test scores are great, no need to stress about those.
Look for opportunities for leadership to beef up your ECs- this will matter at the top schools. Apply to your reaches (you never know) but have safeties that you would be equally happy attending.

Thanks @Pokeman1 and @yonceonhismouth - I’m definitely working on leadership positions but it’s not going to be easy especially since most clubs want officers who have been in the club since before they were born haha

@OneNormalKnight Would you be able to chance me back by any chance?