Reality of Acceptance

I completed High School in 2013 with a dismal GPA-(something like a 2.2)- and joined the Army after graduating, where I served for four years, including a 9-month stint in Afghanistan. After completing my contract, I enrolled in Community College, where I am currently starting my third semester, and have a 3.8 GPA-(30 credits completed, currently working on 13 more)- what is the likelihood of being accepted into the Spring 2020 semester?

@blofish123 I don’t really know and can only guess it would be good, but I just wanted to thank you for your service and congratulate you for your major academic improvement. I imagine you view education much differently today than you did in HS. Easy for me to say but I wish more kids spent time in the military to mature and figure out what they want prior to attending college.

Well done!

@blofish123 hey! I’m a fellow vet who wasn’t quite ready to take things seriously in high school but did well in community. I’ve recently been accepted to Cornell and a few others. So, in short, YES. Apply apply apply. These schools realize you are not the same human being and have come a long way, especially if your service has guided you to success in the classroom.

If you’re serious about this I can get you set up with some GREAT resources for vets like you and me that aspire to be successful in higher education. Lmk!

GS cares about your story and who you are. Not your grades in high school.