Really Bad Allergies! Please switch with me to a different dorm!

<p>Hi. I have a single in Dickson Hall. If anyone has any type of room in Court, Kay, Bower, or Muse, and would like to switch with me, please let me know! I cannot open windows to keep cool at night due to my allergies. And since I live on the West Coast, I cannot bring my HEPA filter all the way to Cornell, it's just too expensive to ship. Please switch with me. I contacted the university and the earliest time I could even request to change without a voluntary switch would be September. (Switches are being accepted now though!)</p>

<p>So, if you would like to switch with me, PLEASE contact me! Thanks</p>

<p>i have a triple in jameson if you want to go there. i’d be more than glad to switch.</p>

<p>sorry… jameson= no can do</p>