Really bad roomie problem

<p>Hi everybody. My roommate is a really, really nice guy, and I get along with him really well. The only problem is, well, an odor problem. I'm not sure exactly what's smelling, but I think it's his feet. It's really like nothing I've ever smelled before (like what you'd get if you combined must, cabbage, and catfood) but I'm sure it's not (at least normal) BO. I thought I could put up with it, but it's gotten a lot worse lately, like to the point where you can usually tell whether he's in the room or not before you enter. I'm to the point where all I do in my rooom is sleep pretty much, so something has to change. How do I go about addressing it with my roommate without creating a slew of awkwardness. I've tried leaving hints like saying "Whoa, do you smell that?" but he's not catching on. Thanks in advance for the help.</p>


<p>It's easy. Just say, "Look man, I know this is a tough subject, but..."</p>

<p>Well,'s not that easy. But you can do it.</p>

<p>My roomie says to febreze his shoes when he's out of the room.</p>

<p>This may not be the best idea, but it made me laugh...real hard.</p>

<p>I think Ari's approach would be the best--just be direct and honest. It's clear that subtlety hasn't worked. You might seek out your RA if you want coaching/role-playing on how to handle this (I'm sure they've dealt with similar situations in the past). The longer you let things go, the harder it will be to bring it up. Good luck!</p>

<p>There's such a thing as being too nice. Let him know, tactfully. It's probably not just you that notices it, although you're probably the primary recipient of the 'problem'.</p>

<p>I would just get some febreeze and/or odor eaters, and spray it on all his shoes when he's out, and if you see his feet when he's sleeping or something, spray those too. But if that doesn't work, you have no choice bu to talk to him.</p>

<p>Please DON'T spray anything on anyone else or their possessions. There are many people with STRONG sensitivities & allergies to scents and sprays--your room mate may be one of them. You can offer to go shopping with him and/or to the student health center if he'd like, but do NOT spray or apply anything to anyone else (or their possessions) without their consent & permission.</p>

<p>(Can you tell our family has a LOT of allergies & sensitivities? My S can be sick for days from an offending odor like "Simple Green." :( It's much better to be up front & discuss the matter tactfully.)</p>

<p>Discussing matters that are somewhat "sensitive" is also good practice for when you're out in the working world or when you share an apartment or perhaps a spouse someday, or even being able to broach difficult subjects with an instructor or boss. The dynamics are a bit different, but skills are similar.</p>

<p>lol there are simple problems to problems like this... febreze. even if you dont febreze his stuff directly, you can febreze stuff like the curtains and carpet. they will deal with the odor indirectly.</p>

<p>There is an unscented Oust odor neutralizer spray. It works pretty well and really has almost no scent of its own. </p>

<p>Does your roommate shower, do laundry and wear clean clothes every day? Does he rotate shoes? As unpalatable as this sounds, maybe you should sniff around to determine what actually stinks. If he is used to his own smell, he may actually not be aware that he is offensive. I think you should determine the source and talk to him about it.</p>

<p>Comment on the smell--say something like, "Hey, have you noticed a weird smell? I've been smelling it for a couple of weeks now and I'm just kinda curious about what it is." That way he's not offended & you can see if he is aware of it or not. If not... then wait a couple days and (politely!) confront him.</p>

<p>Don't febreeze his stuff when he's not there. Seriously, would you want him to do it to your stuff?</p>

As unpalatable as this sounds, maybe you should sniff around to determine what actually stinks.


Funny thread if I hadn't actually experienced a similar freshman roommate situation in college. Same problem, a strange odor that got progressively worse that wasn't recognizable. It got to the point that you could smell it down the hall, friends couldn't stand visiting my room, and I hardly spent any time there myself. I agree with the above poster, it's definitely time for a search mission. When I did that, I was horrified to find the source. Let's the risk of sounding crude and indelicate...a big bag of USED feminine hygiene products being stored in her closet! OMG, IS SHE MENTALLY IMBALANCED? It prompted an immediate discussion, and I didn't exactly mince words. Well, she never really broke that bizarre filthy habit so I applied for a room transfer and switched after 1st semester. That, coupled with the hometown BF that visited almost every weekend and brought his massive BO with him. Couldn't take it! Hygiene problems can be impossible to live with so get to the bottom of it, pronto!</p>

<p>Yeah, your discussion would probably be more fruitful if you can locate the source of the smell (preferably by investigating when he's not in the room). It is very likely that your roomie doesn't smell it or doesn't find the smell in the least offensive & isn't aware it bothers you. Just saying there is a smell won't do it--try to be as precise about the location of the smell as you can.</p>

<p>GoBlue - i'm just kind of curious - did she ever give a reason WHY she was saving those? That's...really gross.</p>

<p>^ Yeah, gross is an understatement. No, she never did say why even though I asked her point blank. Just something along the lines that it was what she'd always done. Initially, she "cleaned up" her act to make it look good, but then slid right back into it. The girl was a head case, and I moved out of there after my first set of final exams.</p>

<p>hey, roomie, you're cool and everything, but your foot odor (or any other roommate issue) is more than I can deal with !!! </p>

<p>can we talk this out?</p>

<p>Daughter complained for weeks over the phone about roomates odor and we downplayed it thinking she was over reacting. Finally went to visit and you could smell the room as you got off the elevator. Luckily she could commute...took us under an hour to move her out. Spouse unable to help as he gagged everytime he got near the room.</p>

<p>Son is coming home this weekend.....will buy him new sneaks knowing what a rainy two months he has had at school....eyuck.</p>

<p>So just be honest "Man..the smell in here is killing me. Is it your sneaks???...we gotta change this cuz I'm dying here!"</p>

<p>Most people who have an odor problem actually know about if but dont care to fix it. Just tell him and offer to buy some remedies and I think hell be quite fine.</p>

<p>sax...can relate to your H. about the gagging...LOL! Did your D. ever determine the source of the stench?</p>

<p>cwatson...the kid should spend his own money on remedies since he's the one that stinks!</p>

<p>leave an anonamous note on his bed?</p>