Really Confused about Some Commonapp Forms :(

<p>Hi, I'm really confused about some of the forms. If someone could help me out then I'd really appreciate it.
1) School Report. What confuses me most is the part where we list what classes we're taking this year. I'm confused because I'm under the impression that I'm supposed to list what HS classes i'm taking this year, but I'm a college freshman? Also, underneath that gives rankings about your academic life/extracurrics/etc. Should I give my hs counselor a brag sheet?
2)There's a Mid Year Report file in the School Forms sections. The app is due on April 1. So does anyone know when I'm supposed to send it? Also, the university I'm trying to transfer to doesn't mention anything about a mid year report.</p>

<p>Contact each school and ask them which school forms they require.</p>

<p>I know that MANY universities do not require the "Secondary School Report", which I believe is the one you're talking about in your first question. As transfer students, they don't really care much anymore about what your high school counselor has to say. They are more concerned with the College Report, which will be filled out by a dean/counselor at your college.</p>

<p>I don't think redwings is right, since you are applying as a freshman, your HS stats and SSR are important. For your SSR you have to contact your high school guidance counselor and get him/her to send the school the SSR that he/she filled out for you last year when you were applying to colleges. </p>

<p>As for the mid year report, you should call the school you are applying to if you are not sure whether they require it or not. If they do, you should get your teachers to fill it out a week or two before the application is due and send it in then.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>If schools require the Secondary School Report, the one you use as a transfer applicant is the Secondary School Final Report form, see it here under Transfer forms:</p>

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<p>It does not include HS sr year courses or an evaluation; it does ask for your final class rank, gpa, etc. and should be accompanied by your final transcript.</p>

<p>Oh that makes much more sense! What I did was I made a transfer student acct and clicked on the school forms that are listed under the school. So I'd assume that all the forms were for transfer students and are correct. However the School Report/SSR that was listed was actually for hs seniors, not transfers. It was probably a mistake on their part for listing the wrong form. Thanks so much everyone!</p>

<p>Someone else recently said that they saw both forms listed on their account and were wondering which to use. No wonder everyone's confused!</p>

<p>Wait... so I emailed my counselor and told him to send my SSR and transcript, will that be a problem?</p>

<p>Well from your previous post, it sounds like you told your counselor to send the SSR from last year, which is the high school one. The SSR for transfers is a bit different in that there are no trait rankings or hs course listings. I think it's safer to send the SSR for transfers if you're not doing that already.</p>