Really Confused.

<p>Okay, so I'm in one of the last sessions (which kind of sucks for me, or so I'm told)</p>

<p>I am majoring in neuroscience and want to take as many of those classes/electives as possible while still trying to finish up those GE requirements. I'm on the pre-med track and want to have a high GPA. </p>

I'm wondering if all the classes I want to take will be filled up by the time I go to orientation, which makes me worry a little bit about classes I'm left with being harder or more boring...</p>

<p>Also, if possible, can someone who majored in neuroscience on a pre-med track give me sample schedule or something? I'm feeling kind of lost... </p>


<p>Don't worry... there will still be some classes available for you to enroll in. Everybody at one time or another has to take a class that they aren't exactly thrilled about. In any case, since you are a first year student you have sooo many different requirements and classes that you have to take, it'd be really surprising if ALL of them are filled up. So, don't worry about it. And, I know you feel overwhelmed now, but all the class issues and such will be resolved at orientation. In the meantime, you should sit back and enjoy the summer.</p>