Really? It's January 31st???

<p>One year ago a massive snow storm hit the Midwest and snowed in Chicago and other areas.</p>

<p>Today, one year later, I'm in Ohio, it was close to 60 degrees, I've taken two walks since arriving home from work wearing just a sweatshirt (on top :) ), I'm grilling and I'm THIS close to uncovering the fire pit and sitting outside by the fire!</p>

<p>CRAZY weather!</p>

<p>If you were blessed with some warmth today (east coast too, right?) and it's unseasonable for you, how did you enjoy it today???</p>

<p>60 degrees in Iowa today -- drove over to the County Courthouse along the back river road with my windows down and could hear geese, saw swans down in the wetlands and eagles all over the place. Had lunch with a friend who says the sugar maples are about 6 weeks ahead of schedule, but he's afraid to tap the trees for fear of what February might bring.</p>

<p>We got trip insurance for our vacation this year, won't need it. Last year we spent the night in NC instead of getting back to O'Hare. We had to remove snow stuck in the wheels when we got on the cleared interstate heading home and realized the shuddering was from unbalanced wheels due to snow that didn't fly out. We were lucky the car parked in a hotel lot spot where most of the snow had blown off but it had packed in around the base of the car. It was impressive to see the amount of snow and major roads days later- far less further north. The Mexican hotel TV carried a lot of coverage of the storm and Egypt that week- including English, Spanish and other countries.</p>

<p>God, I love Global Warming . . .</p>

<p>Suggested reading, a library book I just finished last night/this am. The Handy Weather Answer Book 2nd edition, c 2009. Not necessarily Global Warming as some years are better/worse than others. Trending over decades and even tens of thousands to millions of years covered. We deserve a mild winter after the last few. A weather fact from the book or TV- a mild winter doesn't mean a mild spring. We'll have to see if it is as bad as last spring for finally warming up to garden.</p>

<p>It was 57 degrees here and outdoor plants are ALL confused. It's been a weird winter so far. Makes me wonder what Feb and March are going to be like.</p>

God, I love Global Warming . . .


<p>Making this connection is similiar to what conservative pundits did a year ago when they pointed to the severe snowstorms in DC and elsewhere as a clear refutation of climate change. In both cases, weather does not equal climate.</p>

<p>I just wanna grow some tomatoes this year
Nation</a> & World | USDA Plant-zone map updated, reflects global warming | Seattle Times Newspaper</p>

<p>way to throw facts into a thread fignewton! Next you will tell me that I can't count fig newtons as a serving of fruit. geesh ;)</p>

<p>Actually, despite being over 60 degrees in MAryland, I just cannot believe that it is January 31. I barely remember Christmas.</p>

<p>I live in the DC area. Several months ago, my employer transferred me to a building with a steeply sloped parking lot. I have a bad knee, and I have trouble walking on snowy or icy surfaces, even if they're flat. Sloped slippery surfaces are beyond me.</p>

<p>So I went to the doctor's office and whined until they signed a form that entitles me to a handicapped parking permit, so that I could park in the handicapped spaces right in front of the building where I work on the many anticipated snowy days.</p>

<p>I feel stupid.</p>

<p>Every day is one day closer to being done with heating season :) My mom gets really upset for her perennials when the winter is too easy. I'd much rather pay for a few plants than LP tank refills.</p>

<p>I'm within a few hours of Chicago. It's been a looong time since we've had an "easy" winter. The last couple were up there for coldest and/or snowest. I'll take all of these we can get. Since, I've said that, I'm sure I have now jinxed us...</p>

<p>It was warm in Maryland today and I was cold at work and cold at home. I think the indoor and outdoor temps were both 64.</p>

<p>And because I teach, I love snow days.;)</p>

<p>53 today in Toronto. Last night we had 3 inches of snow which was the largest snowfall so far this winter. By 10 a.m., it was gone and the temperature kept rising. Crazy for January 31 but this time of year can be very unpredictable here. I remember two years ago in mid-February, we had our Sunday coffee and Times out on our deck, with no jackets. The next day, we had a storm that dropped close to a foot of snow.</p>

<p>The difference this year is that it's been mild almost continuously since November and very very little snow. I'm not complaining and will be happy with each additional mild day. Loved today, warm and sunny with a beautiful blue sky. Just gorgeous.</p>

<p>SHHHHH....stop talking about "easy winters"'ll put a hex on this winter.</p>

<p>Trees are budding out in Texas.
Last year at this time we had huge sheets of ice sliding off the roof of the Super Bowl venue. Clearly time for the talking heads on TV to pontificate on global warming.</p>

<p>Wow I remember the ice crashing off the stadium roof!</p>

Trees are budding out in Texas.
Last year at this time we had huge sheets of ice sliding off the roof of the Super Bowl venue. Clearly time for the talking heads on TV to pontificate on global warming.


<p>Yes, I remember last year Texans relating to people that the storm which hit during the Super Bowl was so unusual as to be freaky. People didn't want to hear it----it doesn't matter if you have one ice storm every few years, you should have an army of snow plows ready to go at a moment's notice, no matter the cost...</p>

<p>It was in the high 70's today, and I actually contemplated turning on the AC as the temperature climbed in my house and I experienced yet another hot flash....but I resisted when I pictured my husband coming home from work to that. He would have been a little grumpy at the thought of paying for AC in January...</p>

<p>I'm not minding this weather at all. And every day or week that the forecasters talk about 40s or even 50s brings us another day or week closer to April, when the threat of winter will be gone.</p>

brings us another day or week closer to April, when the threat of winter will be gone


<p>Ha. Speak for yourself. Here in Michigan, we wouldn't be all that surprised if we got a snow storm in June. 4th of July can range from wanting a winter jacket to sweating a bathing suit here. </p>

<p>I am loving the mild weather. Walking to class this morning (and it was my far 30ish minute walk to class, too!) was quite lovely.</p>

<p>You can all thank me for the very temperate weather in the midwest. We're from Chicago and I finally convinced DH to spend a couple of months in San Diego to get away from winter (and to check it out for potential future relocation). Not that it isn't gorgeous here, but it's the warmest Jan-Feb in 78 years back home. Just all of you be prepared for the blizzards that will hit as soon as we get home in March.</p>