Really Need Help! Rejected almost everywhere I applied, and not sure what to do:(

Hi! I’m sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, I’m new to this and I’m not really sure how this forum works. So, I applied to lots of schools, and I have been rejected from everywhere except University of Pittsburgh. I also was waitlisted at Villanova and Emory.

It’s been upsetting, but I know this process is very competitive, and there are lots and lots of very qualified students out there. Anyways, I’m not really sure where to go from here. I feel that time is really ticking down. I know there are still schools accepting applications, but I’m not sure which ones. I want to be a neurologist and do rehab, so I want to go to school for neuroscience or rehabilitation science. My SAT was 1510 and GPA is 3.9. I’m thinking of applying to Clemson and Loyola Chicago. Any school suggestions that are still taking applications would be super appreciated! I also could try to take a Gap year, but I really don’t know how to go about that, and if it would look okay next year if I applied. Any advice at all would be appreciated so much, I’m very lost and stressed out about this!

Pitt is a very good school and strong in the sciences. Why not go there?

Congrats on Pitt! That’s a great school, especially for medical fields. Is it affordable to your family? Is there a reason you don’t want to go there? Of your two wait lists, do you prefer Villanova or Emory? Have you responded to your favorite and expressed your desire to commit to that school if you clear the wait list? Do you have any new accomplishments to update these schools about? Are there other schools you are still waiting to hear from? You can certainly apply to others if you’d like - but ask yourself if you would pick that new school over Pittsburgh. There’s always a list of schools still accepting applications that comes out in early May. Be on the look out for that. Given Covid-19 and the economy cratering, this may be a more volatile year in terms of yield for many schools. Sorry for so many questions - just trying to get a clearer picture.
(p.s. You are not the only person feeling disappointed by the results so far.)

Is Pitt affordable for you? If the answer is yes…congrats, you have a great school to attend!

As noted above, Pitt is a terrific school and is strong in the sciences.

Curious as to which schools rejected you.

It is a stressful process, but Pitt is a very good school.

Let us know if it’s affordable, but I certainly wouldn’t rate LUC above Pitt. Clemson does not have a neuroscience major.

Do send letters of continued interest to your AO at both Villanova and Emory.

Surveys are showing a lot of family situations have changed. Also the status on international students. This may help your situation on the waitlists. Be patient and keep the faith! Pitt does have a great neuroscience program! That’s what my DD wants to do. It’s a much bigger school than Villanova.

Congratulations on the Pitt acceptance! Fine school. Invested in it myself for my most loved ones and it was a great experience for them. You won’t lack excellence there.

There will be a list of schools with openings coming out next month and you can give them a go. You can certainly stay on the waitlist for Villanova and Emory; state your case to them. However, I’d also seriously research Pitt. It’s a fine school and you can do well there. The Oakland area of Pittsburgh is very much a college town. Pitt has a lot going for it.

Do well there, and if you still don’t like the school , start the transfer process .

Pitt has the oldest neuroscience program in the country, congrats on the acceptance! Another strong point for Pitt’s program is the major is earned through a department of neuroscience, whereas you will find at many schools the neuroscience degree is an interdisciplinary program for departments of biology and psychology. Having the major within its own department means the professors are conducting research in neuroscience and the course of study is more brain based rather than a compilation of the most applicable courses in the biology and psychology departments. You also have, I think, some type of collaborative with Carnegie Mellon at your disposal. If Pitt is affordable for you, then you can’t go wrong if you want to major in neuroscience!