Really need some advice on this one...

<p>Alright so my good friend comes to me tonight while she is drunk, and tells me that this new guy that she is seeing punches her in the face, but she also told me not to tell anyone else that, including her best friends. She also said that she does not ever want me to bring this up to her again.
Now, I feel a burden on me because of this. I feel responsible to tell someone, be it her friends, or a counselor, or the police, or w.e. for two reasons 1. I know my friend wont go and seek out the necessary help for this problem on her own. and 2. I think its awful that she is letting this POS do this to her. However, I dont want to loose the trust of my friend, as she knows plenty of secrets about me I wouldnt want getting out. What should I do???</p>

<p>looks like you dropped the ball on this one, bro.</p>

<p>you should definitely bring it up with her again even though she told you not to. It's definitely a tough situation, but ultimately you have to choose whether to stand by and watch your friend get hurt, or have her be hurt initially but have her thank you later. The whole thing about her knowing your secrets...that makes it iffy.</p>

<p>Bring it up again when she's sober. Tell her you're really worried and that this is not okay. The thing you're not going to like is that she may be really angry and stop talking to you. But as a true friend, you need to get her thinking and help her understand that she doesn't have to deal with this.
But, since she is an adult, it's really not your place to tell others yet. Let her try to figure it out first. I would say it's time to tell if you start seeing bruises. I know that sounds kind of harsh, but she's not a little kid so a) she isn't helpless and b) she has a right to her privacy.</p>

<p>As a true friend, you should not feel obligated to say nothing when your friend is in a situation could become life threatening.</p>

<p>Bring the subject up with her again when she's sober, and do what you can to encourage her to get counseling.</p>

<p>Your telling the police probably won't help because you have second hand info and she and her boyfriend would just deny what happened.</p>

<p>Do your best to continue your friendship with her. Typically abusive men try to isolate their partners, and when their partners are isolated, the abuse gets even worse.</p>

<p>Here's a link to a site with other advice: Abusive</a> Relationships</p>

<p>Another helpful site: Women</a> Are Safe</p>

<p>I would bring it up again when she's sober and it's just the two of you.
Ask if she was telling the truth, exhaggerating, etc. If she was telling the truth then tell her that you don't think it's ok, and that she needs to get out of that situation.</p>

<p>I honestly doubt if someone would exaggerate about their boyfriend's punching them in the face. I think it's far more likely that a person would back off from admitting the truth about such a potentially embarrassing situation. So often, unfortunately, victims blame themselves for the abusers' behavior.</p>