Really need your help on this one guys

<p>Hi, I have a few questions about the transfer student admissions. I recently graduated highschool early and am taking 6 months too volunteer over seas. I want to enroll in a University in the fall, as a transfer student, after getting 24 transferable credits(CC and CLEP Test) this summer, but I realize the deadline for all transfer students in the fall are June 1. I unfortunately won't be able to make that deadline. Are there any other options?</p>

<p>If i applied before the deadline i wouldn't have much to show, i talked to my college in mind admissions office and they said, that i could indicate i had courses in the progress. :/
The only thing i see happening is just finishing all of the necessary credits during summer, working full time in the winter and enrolling in the spring. Would that be a good idea?</p>

<p>Thanks. Grinch</p>

<p>No help guys?</p>

<p>If your school has spring admissions, you could apply for that- but not all schools will allow you to transfer in during the spring.</p>