REALLY quick question

<p>When applying to UW, there's a "Course Notation" box when entering in transcipts. Do Pre-IB classes count as honors, IB, or something else entirely? </p>

<p>I'm leaning towards marking those classes as honors because I vaguely remember hearing that Pre-IB = honors. The thing is, the sophmore science class I took (Pre-IB Bio/Chem) is the hardest class at my school, and I got absolutely dominated by it. It was much harder than any of my full IB classes, so I'm reluctant to label it as merely honors level. </p>

<p>Plus, you know. Pre-"IB" could very easily count as IB.</p>

<p>url for Course Notation options (off of the UW website)</p>

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<p>I wouldn't just mark it Honors just because you think it should be called that. </p>

<p>JUST TO MAKE SURE, I suggest asking the admissions office directly. There should be a little box for you to make notes in (what should the office know?) and you can state there that the 'Honors' or specific 'IB' is actually Pre-IB, and explain that you did ask the office how to mark those.</p>