Really sick the first day of class?


I got sick last week, and over the weekend, I thought I was getting better; unfortunately, last night my symptoms started getting really terrible, and that has continued on today. I barely slept last night because of it.

I only have one class in person, the rest are online. My question is…would it be acceptable to miss the first day of a class? I hate that I’m even asking this question, but I feel truly awful. I’m worried about being labeled as the girl who doesn’t care enough about college and missed the very first class.

Any advisement would be wonderful, thanks.

Obviously I would really try to go to class…but if you are contagious or barfing I would email the professor and let them know what is happening…and say that usually you would get the notes from someone in class but you have not had a chance to meet anyone yet so could they let you know what was discussed and any homework?