Really torn: RD College or Wharton?

<p>Although I EA'd elsewhere, in the past month, I have come to really love UPenn. I know I definitely want to do something with Economics/Finance/Communications, and have already finished my Wharton essay. But Wharton is so extremely competitive-- at the same time, I love UPenn itself and love the vibe of the college. So, here's my dilemma: risk not going to Penn at all by being rejected to Wharton? Or apply to the college but always have that inner yearning for Wharton? </p>

<p>Below is some info. Would appreciate some feedback! =) </p>

<p>Asian female from suburbs of Los Angeles. </p>

<p>GPA: 4.00/4.00 (UW) -- IB Diploma candidate, most rigorous courseload possible, have already taken 6 APs (Euro, USH, AB Calc, Micro, Macro, Chemistry) and will take two next year (BC Calc, Spanish).
Rank: 1/ 730
SAT: 2300 (730 CR, 800 math, 770 writing); not killer but don't think I'll retake at this point
SAT II: 800 Math IIC, 800 US History, 780 Chemistry </p>

<p>Senior year schedule:
IB Theory of Knowledge
IB HL Mathematics/ BC Calc
IB HL History
IB/AP Spanish
IB HL English
Physics Honors

- CEO of registered 501(c) non-profit raising funds for war afflicted areas. Spend a lot of time fundraising and doing advocacy projects. Raised thousands of dollars through multiple events over the past years.
- Founder of a journalism/ civic engagement program at the local middle school. Post local stories that the kids give opinions on-line and hosted an essay contest with very good feedback. Looking to start a middle school newspaper when school starts.
- Editor-in-Chief of nationally recognized yearbook (2 years)-- journalism is a big part of my life
- Senior writer at most circulated teen newspaper in country-- featured on NBC Nightly News for a piece I wrote
- Model United Nations President (2 years)
- Future Business Leaders of America Vice President
- Key Club (cabinet leader and former Lieutenant Gov)
- Junior Varsity Tennis 2 years (had to quit because of schedule): Most outstanding player 2 years, Most outstanding newcomer
- City Youth Commission Boardmember
- Piano: Level 8 Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Certified
- Relay for Life Publicity Department Head
- National Honor Society</p>

- 2nd place nationally for my FBLA event in public speaking
- Junior 8 Top Ten USA Finalist (sponsored by United Nations)
- Numerous state and regional awards for public speaking and MUN
- Numerous state and regional journalism write-off competition awards in yearbook layout, copy, and editorial writing
- HOBY Award
- Foreign Language Awards in Spanish: Most enthusiastic honors IB student, Most outstanding (2)</p>

<p>Work experience:
- Volunteered with a program offering after school assistance to low-income families. Life-changing experience meeting some really amazing kids.
- District senate intern
- Intern at a philanthropy group for microfinancing education projects; It was such a wonderful opportunity! </p>

<p>This summer:
- Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern. Cherubs (5 weeks)
- Internships above
- Summer government class</p>

<p>School type: Large public school, good handful go to Ivies and prestigious universities (depends on the year)</p>

<p>Recs: one from my IB History teacher will be glowing, a pretty good one from my English teacher, one from a newspaper editor I've worked with for four years</p>

<p>If you want to go to Wharton, apply there. If you get into CAS you may be kicking yourself later for not applying to Wharton.</p>

<p>I think people really overestimate the difficulty of getting into Wharton compared to the college. I really don't notice a significant difference between the caliber of student at each respective school, so if you want to go to Wharton, apply there it's more difficult to transfer in.</p>

I know I definitely want to do something with Economics/Finance/Communications,


<p>I think there is more flexibility in your schedule with the college. Since you want to focus on the three things you mentioned you might do better there. You can double major in econ and communications at the college and still take finance classes at Wharton.</p>


And that is the beauty of Penn. :)</p>

<p>Wharton's acceptance rate is estimated to be around 9%, the admissions rate for the school as a whole is about 15% (feel free to find the statistic, this is from memory).</p>

<p>^ The overall acceptance rate for Penn's Class of 2015 was 12.4%:</p>

<p>Penn</a> Admissions: Incoming Class Profile</p>

<p>Ah ok, I suppose this supports why you should apply to Wharton. It's slightly more selective, but not too much more selective to the point where you shouldn't apply.</p>

<p>You have really amazing stat's and fit really well with wharton. Apply to wharton.</p>