Really urgent!!!!!! Arts supplement

<p>thank you this is really important to me.</p>

<p>so I wanted to send harvard a piece of my writing. What's the best way to update my application. Btw is is bad that I am sending it now. After all I heard that they read all applications twice right.</p>

<p>I'd mail it to them with a cover letter asking them to please consider it. Maybe send an email asking if sending as a PDF attachment is possible. But I wouldn't wait on a reply about that before mailing. This is just my guess on what to do. I don't think they'd hold it against you.</p>

<p>They don't accept email attachments. I already tried. Have to fax or mail.</p>

<p>I'll prefer to send it by courier because then someone actually has to sign for it.</p>

<p>They are in committee sessions. It is unlikely that mail will reach them in time. Even if it does, there's no guarantee they'll look at it if they already decided on your app</p>