Reapplying to Williams College!


Hope y’all are doing well.

I am an international student who applied to Williams ED last year but was unfortunately rejected. Although I was later accepted to other few colleges, I will be taking a gap year due to some family problems. This is why I’ve thought of reapplying to Williams ED this year as well. Regarding the changes in my application, I’ll have two new ECs (both of which are pretty important to me), a new common app essay (“better than the one I previously submitted” according to my friends and teachers), and increased EFC of $50k. Will I have slightly less chance of being accepted because I was rejected previously or will my application be assessed independently of the previous decision.

Your help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much!

From what I’ve heard (someone else may have more insight) it is very unusual to be accepted by a school that rejected your application the first time. Most people discourage students from reapplying to schools that previously rejected them for that reason. If you are set on this course, I’d suggest you apply to some other schools in addition to Williams in case you are rejected again.


Unfortunately, you don’t know “WHY” you were rejected the first time. If you were rejected simply because there were too many qualified students who applied for the number of available seats (I am almost 100% sure this is a big reason why), that will absolutely be the case again for the next application cycle and there is nothing you can do about it. You are welcome to reapply, of course, just don’t expect a different outcome and apply to other schools where you are more likely to be accepted.

A new EC of just a year, even if very important to you, isn’t likely to make a difference, unless it has had some notable impact. Additionally, you will need all new recommendations, which might be tricky coming from teachers who last wrote your recs about 18 months before.

By all means, apply if you like, but don’t expect anything different this time around. Meanwhile, did you ask for a deferred year at one of your other accepted schools? If not, I suggest you do so.

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When you say you are taking a gap year, it’s unclear whether you accepted a spot somewhere else to start in 2022 or whether you are planning to “redo” your whole application process. Your answer would influence my advice.

Unless you have had some interim remarkable achievement, you have little chance of being accepted after having been rejected.

I will be redoing my entire application.

If you were to apply to apply ED to Williams next year, then this would preclude you from applying ED I to a slightly less selective college. The effect might be that you would not get into a college on this level at all.

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So @KaMeHaMeHaa , you did not accept any of the offers of admissions you received, even for fall 2022?

There are SO many colleges to fall in love with which are not named Williams! And if they haven’t already rejected you, you get to start over with a clean slate.

Something to think about…

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