<p>How does reapplying affect one's chance of being accepted? I've heard some people say that it hurts your chances because the school already rejected you, but others have said that it shows your dedication. So is it both? Or maybe it doesn't affect them at all?</p>

<p>I truly believe that it shows dedication, persistence, and tenacity. However, some applicants are rejected at the first time, due to a lack of "fit". If they reapply the following year and haven't changed very much, they still may not be the right "fit". I think that the situation is a little different though, for those who are waitlisted. Being waitlisted essentially means that "If they had more space, they would have admitted you". They wouldn't have even waitlisted you, if they felt like you weren't a good "fit". I think if you are waitlisted, you should definitely apply again the following year.</p>

<p>Like most questions posed about prep school admissions, my guess is that the answer is "it depends." It depends on the reason for the first decision. Like Starkali points out, if a student is rejected because of a lack of fit, it's not likely to change. I've heard of plenty of kids being rejected twice and/or waitlisted twice. I'd be willing to bet that even a kid who is admitted one year might not be the next. So much depends on who is applying and what the school's needs are. </p>

<p>To answer honeybadger's question directly about whether it actually effects a student's chance, I'd have to say that it probably has no great effect.</p>

<p>I will say that it takes a LOT of guts to reapply. You kids who try again are risking a lot. You already know what that disappointment feels like and are willing to take that emotional risk. It speaks volumes about your character and I applaud each one of you. I wish you all the best.</p>

<p>In answer to the question, I cannot accurately say, but I will try to dig up this thread in March and post my own reapplying experience. I sure hope that it will show my determination, because I really am adamant on going. :D As for what neatoburrito said, I do feel that I have much more at risk than last year, because I don't think I could stand that humiliation and rejection again. Then again, this whole experience - both times - have taught me SO much, and will for SURE help me when college application time rolls around in another three years. :)</p>

<p>Yeah, same here. I'll be really sad if I don't make it. I applied last year, but my applications, especially my essays, were pretty bad. In the end I was rejected/waitlisted. So basically, I guess my question would be, "Does the fact that I was rejected/waitlisted last year affect my chances? (regardless if I fit or not)"</p>