Reasearch Paper

<p>I have really never written a paper not asking a specific question. How would I go ablout doing this. I know it dounds bad but I ahve no idea. How do I know what to write</p>

<p>A freshaman writing couse (expository writing) is now pretty standard in most schools. If you don't have one yet, I would suggest a good book that explains how ot set up papers in either APA/MLA format, with tips on citing, refernce etc.</p>

<p>i don't know what your specific assignment is, but generally I have found that most college papers are asking me to argue for a position. Basically, what I tend to do is first pick a problem, then choose a side, and then gather evidence supporting my side. To write the paper, first explain your position, then back it up with examples and other evidence. Another good idea may be to take one of the arguments from the other side and then explain why you think it is wrong. </p>

<p>Many colleges also offer writing centers or tutors where they will help you come up with ideas, outline, edit, etc. Good luck!</p>

<p>Judging from your post, I'd go to a wrting center before you hand in that research paper!</p>

<p>I also suggest that you talk to your professor. Usually, professsors are happy to help -- particularly if students ask for help well before the assignments are due.</p>

<p>My teacher makes us do these non-directional papers(I'm in HS but our teacher has been a prof for years and just moved here and took a HS job to give her time to find a "real" position)... we have to do them on a piece of literature but they are more like research papers and CANNOT in any way summarize the plot/story/etc. At first I had a hard time because I never knew what direction to go in but start with a thesis statement and then make a list of supporting evidence. For me, my thesis statement was on the importance of the narration preceeding this play I read.... </p>

<p>If its really open ended(ie write a three page paper) then pick a general topic and then find a way to make it unique. Do you have a specific assignment? Maybe someone can give you some ideas....</p>

<p>wow i have never heard of such a thing. i had to write a 15 page paper in order to graduate from high school, and that was just for one class. i love writing papers.</p>