Reasonably priced hotels in Manhattan

<p>Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced hotel in Manhattan? </p>

<p>This is for a trip where I will be traveling alone and staying in the city for three nights. I'm not looking for hostels or B and Bs or anything unusual -- just a decent hotel for no more than $250 a night, preferably in midtown.</p>

<p>I haven't looked at Midtown lately, but just saw the W at Union Square (not downtown, more like 17th and Park Avenue South) for $239/night with AAA.</p>

<p>We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express for about $150/night. It's no frills, and pretty small, but a good location and fairly decent room.</p>

<p>Of course that's before taxes - NYC has a high hotel tax.</p>

<p>The Wolcott. Not exactly midtown's on W.31st St, near Broadway and subways. Marvelous lobby with well preserved elaborate 1904 decor. Many thrifty European travelers stay there.</p>

<p>Affordable</a> New York City Hotels - The Hotel Wolcott</p>

<p>We stayed at the Excelsior last March. It was an older hotel with small rooms, but it was clean and well maintained. I loved the location across from the Museum of Natural history.</p>

<p>Upper</a> West Side Hotels ? The Excelsior Hotel in Manhattan, NYC</p>

<p>if you can get a reservation I highly recommend the Hotel Beacon</p>

<p>A couple of years ago, we stayed at The Lucerne on the upper west side. Upper</a> West Side, Manhattan Hotel - The Lucerne, New York, NY </p>

<p>(Actor Dan Futterman was staying there at the same time. We rode the elevator together.)</p>

<p>We have had better luck with VRBO finding apartments to rent. Much cheaper and a bit more room. Everything is a subway ride away.</p>

<p>We loved the Hotel</a> Mela on West 44th just east of Times Square last December. The smallest rooms (perfect for one) are under $200 if you reserve on their web site.</p>

<p>To save money, I stay at hotels in Jersey City and take the Path train across. It is very convenient, with stops at the former WTC, Greenwich Village and near Macy's/PA. Station.</p>

<p>We're staying at the New Yorker this weekend-- 2 double beds for $188. (Smack in midtown. Have never stayed there before so....maybe it's a pit! But it has nice reviews online.)</p>

<p>I'll second GlobalNomad's suggestion. We've stayed at the Lucerne on several occasions when spending the weekend in the city. It's been a few years now, however, and I've heard parking fees have risen substantially (if that's a concern). I would also say that our rooms have never looked like anything shown on the home page of the Lucerne website.</p>

<p>To follow on charlieschm's suggestion. We stayed here and it was very nice. </p>

<p>Jersey</a> City Hotels -DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Suites Jersey City ? Doubletree Hotel in Jersey City, NJ</p>

<p>Home</a> - Washington Square Hotel, New York, NY</p>

We have had better luck with VRBO finding apartments to rent. Much cheaper and a bit more room. Everything is a subway ride away.


<p>It's illegal to rent apts for less than 30 days. Actual enforcement is however, difficult.</p>

<p>New</a> ban on short-term NYC apartment rentals takes effect next spring -</p>

<p>Eventi Hotel
Very safe, doorman, front desk and security presence 24 hours</p>

<p>Lively complimentary wine happy hour, in the summer it was on the terrace with the Empire State building as a view
Get a room with the ESB filling up your window, outstanding
Coffee/Fruity water in lobby
Equipped gym
Didn't eat in the hotel but plenty of places nearby</p>

<p>Join Kimpton In Touch and get free room Wifi and raid the fridge voucher
Taxi from airports to Manhattan
$45 flat fare (flat rate), plus bridge and tunnel tolls and gratuity; 45–60 minutes to Midtown Manhattan from JFK and LaGuardia.
Just get into the taxi queue and tell the taxi driver "midtown flat fee" and after paying the Lincoln Tunnel toll and tips it is about $70.
Works in reverse back to airports.
Don't get the hotel doorman to hail you a cab.
Walk a half block down from your hotel and stick out your arm to catch a cab.
Saved yourself 5 bucks.</p>

<p>The Plaza Hotel, Central Park</p>

<p>The</a> Plaza Hotel</p>

<p>Thanks for all the great ideas, everyone.</p>

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