Reasons for Transfering

<p>So what are your reasons for transfering?</p>

<p>My reasons the students here lack motivation, professors do not really have office hours and sometimes late! The school lacks modern facilities and charges for everything!</p>

<p>NYU has the nice location, modern facilities, and the freebies they get that Fordham students do not get.</p>

<p>In my essay, I wrote about the prestige that I can graduate with if I get accepted and how I lack pride about my school but felt a link with NYU. Everyone said it sound impressive and my English professor, the one of the better professors here, like it.</p>

<p>are you a freshman? did you get rejected from NYU before?</p>

<p>It sounds like you are criticizing your current school negatively. You should limit the details on the negative side of your school. It does sound like whining to me, assuming you also included your complaints in your essay.</p>

<p>I agree with the above post regarding your essay and negativity. Sharing negative thoughts about your current school will not help your transfer application & raises maturity issues. Those who complimented your essay may have done so to avoid being the subject of your criticism. It takes maturity to accept, and to benefit from, constructive criticism.</p>

<p>how if the college ask how your current school is not meeting your needs? Is it OK to complaint about my current school in that essay?</p>

<p>Responses to that question usually focus on majors, courses of study or classes that are not available at your current school, but are offered at the other school. This question also gives the applicant a chance to discuss changes in your personal situation.</p>

<p>clam_chowder, you can express your disinterest but "complaining" is another thing. Avoid generalizations such as "the professor is lazy or stupid". A simple method is express you disinterest is to say "I do not believe my current school is a good fit for me in terms of academics, etc." Then explain why. </p>

<p>Also, I recommend going to your current school's writing center or lab to get a critic. Find a tutor you do not personally know so they would not be pressure to give a criticism. Every essay, especially a first draft, has a negativity (unless you're an excellent writier). If the tutor is giving only good comments, then he/she is probably not a great critic. Find another one. Your english professors are better suited for checking grammar.</p>

<p>Ideally you should also read your admissions essay. Think as an admissions officer. Will you admit this person? Are his or her reasons viable?</p>

<p>Talking about a desire to graduate from a prestigious university isn't bad (I share that with you) but complaining about your school definitely is. It's different to say "I don't fit in with the community of my current institution and believe that NYU's is a better match", etc.</p>