Reasons for transferring... HELP!

<p>I am applying for transfer from my current school in Boston to a school back home and a couple reaches/semi-reaches. However, I'm really uncertain about what to say in regards to why I am transferring. The bottom line is, I can't afford my school anymore and I refuse to have enormous debt before I even go to grad school. Obviously if I tell colleges in my essays that I am only applying to their schools for money, I won't be accepted. </p>

<p>Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for what I should say for my reasoning?</p>

<p>Write that down and be honest. You should also research some things that you like about the place you are applying (there must be something).</p>

<p>it’s good to mention the social aspects of the school and any academic interests that you have and how their program will benefit you</p>

<p>In the “why transfer” essays, first start about what you like about each college, which you can glean from a bit of research. Make that compelling: your school is too urban or big and you want a smaller environment, for example. Then talk about the financial reasons. Both are significant reasons for wanting to transfer, and don’t think the financial reasons are bad or would be looked down upon. It is just best to maintain a positive perspective in your essays.</p>