Reasons why you applied to Cornell

<p>So, why did you guys apply to Cornell? Just curious :D</p>

<p>strength of science majors
freedom of majors/ exploratory options
financial aid
academic reputation nationally and internationally
preference of atmosphere
the awesome people/ intelligent peers
academic/extracurricular opportunities
post graduation opportunities
research opportunities
not the weather</p>

<p>Outstanding academics with amazing breadth - 4,200 classes
Excellent academic reputation<br>
Talented, diverse student body
Gorgeous campus
Wonderful college town
Strong alumni network</p>

<p>nice location
big school
strong sciences
instate tuition
beautiful campus</p>

<p>other good things I didn't know about before applying but appreciate now:
Ithaca is an awesome city
ease of finding research opportunities
excellent dining
extensive libraries</p>

America </p>


<li>Academic reputation</li>
<li>Location [somewhat close to home]</li>
<li>Diverse assortment of majors</li>
<li>Size [big, but not too big]</li>
<li>Rep for good financial aid</li>

<li>Location [7 hours from home, far enough to not be bothered, close enough for me to get back if I have to]</li>
<li>It's really pretty</li>
<li>My AP Stats teacher heavily suggested that he wouldn't like me anymore if I didn't give it a chance</li>

<p>-Great math department
-Interesting researcher
-Lots of classes in what I want to do
-Well know school</p>

<p>Because I want to be able to say I got accepted into an Ivy League. I really don't have any interest in attending if accepted.</p>

<p>Ivy league</p>

<p>^ I really hope you two don't get in then. You obviously have no idea about the different kinds of things you want to look for in a college.</p>

<p>-Superb Academic Quality
-Reputation in US & World
-Beautiful Campus
-Excellent Post Graduate Paths
-Strong Alumni Network
-Ithaca (Finger Lakes and Four State Parks Providing Outdoor Sports Opportunities: Mountain Biking, Climbing, Hiking, Skiing, Backpacking, Caving, Paddling, and etc)
-Healthy & Green Environment</p>

<p>did all the people who answered get in? just curious</p>

<p>I like the science oppurtunities that are offered(majors)</p>

<p>I got in ED to CAS :P</p>