Rebutal or Waiver

<p>I was on the phone with DoDMERB asking if i was DQd in other ways other than history of mood disorder. fortunatly the person (really nice, i was afraid of getting less friendly people; they were all nice!) said thats my only commisioning disqualification (vision worse than 3.0+ dios, 20/200 uncorrected but still commisioning).</p>

<p>Now my thought, and my alo's and counselors as well, was that a waiver would be the only thing that would clear me. The person on the other end, and the reviewer i eventually talked to said that it was not the case. That since i am off the medication that i could still try to rebutal with a letter i got from my former psychiatrist. I dont see how that would be possible since as they said, "the history is still there." Would a rebutal be possible in this situation? What should i include in the cover letter? The reviewer i talked with was very breif. I asked "Should it be a sentence asking for a rebutal or an entire essay with hook, intro and conclusion?" While he did laugh, he said it was up to me and that really didnt help much. I asked what else i could do and he really didnt say cause "what i would recommend you might not be able to do or cost too much" andi didnt understand that.</p>

<p>Thanks for you advice!</p>