Rec cancel out?

<p>Junior year, I messed up and got a D in math (not my greatest subject). If I get reccomendation from that teacher anyway (I have him again this year for TOK), will that be enough to deal with that one blip on an otherwise good transcript? I'm applying to Vassar/BrynMawr (ED II)/Smith-type schools and here are my stats</p>

<p>Black female from Charlotte, NC
3.87 w, 3.0 uw 1310 SAT (720 v, 590 m) I'm taking it again
I'll be taking the next ACT
IB Diploma Candidate (4 years of IB math, english, history, spanish; 3 years IB chem; 1 year IB Bio; IB psych SL; TOK)
AP European History this year
82/503 at a very competitive high school (top 16%) </p>

4 years in award-winning choirs
community service
mock trial
National Fine Arts Honor Society
National Spanish Honor Society (Chairwoman in charge of service projects)</p>