Rec Question

<p>I'm applying RD to Chicago, and I know that the University wants a rec from a Math/Science teacher. Should I go with my bio teacher in 9th grade, whose class I got a 90 in but he also coaches X-C (of which I'm now captain), or my 11th grade PreCalc teacher whose class I got a 95 in?</p>

<p>Precalc teacher for sure.</p>

<p>well I might be very off on this, but I think the bio teache ris better since not only doe she know you acidemically (sp) but also outside of school. This lady from some college came to our school the other day (shes on the adcom) and she said how the reccomendations shouldn't be only about your acidemic life, since your transcript/sat scores tell them that, but about who you are an stuff also.
l might be wrong.</p>