Rec talks about military good/bad/neutral

One of my recs talks about how I have expressed interest in going into the military. The rec as a whole is awesome, I was just wondering a liberal bias would work against me at some schools. So, would schools care about that to the point where it could hurt my admissability?

<p>Even liberal schools want diversity when it comes to their student bodies. In fact, a very liberal school might welcome a student with strong conservative tendencies.</p>

<p>I'm not necessarily a reactionary conservative...</p>

<p>Any other ideas? Yea/Nay Screwed/Fine???</p>

<p>you should apply to one of the service academies. If the rec talks so highly of your desire to enter the military, i don't see why thats a problem.</p>

<p>As for liberal schools, I doubt they would mind (unless its something like Vassar, Berkely, Bard, UNH, which even still I would doubt it would be that big of a deal)</p>

<p>It will not be a problem. My instructors from the ROTC program will be issuing me a letter of recommendation -- I don't see why not.</p>

<p>People aren't biased just because they read DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY on the letterhead. :D</p>