<p>How do you homeschooling parents deal with teacher reccomendations? I was homeschooled for 2 separate semesters, both of them included a foreign language. I'm in public school now, and applying to a program that requires a reccomendation from a foreign language teacher; what should I do? My mom filled out the form, but what happens if the group needs a reccomendation from my foreign language teacher at my other school (I have since moved from that school).</p>

<p>My son is applying to college next year, so I'm going to speak in semi-ignorance until someone more knowledgeable than I comes along to rescue you. My son was partially homeschool and partially highschooled, so to speak. The high school will provide two recommendations from teachers there plus a recommendation from the guidance counselor. I think the application asks the person in charge of the homeschooling to explain what you did there. In addition, some homeschoolers present portfolios showing/describing what they did. I suspect that if you present a portfolio, you can include in that portfolio recommendations written by teachers you encountered as a homeschooler. Also, if you moved, I'm sure you can call/write and ask your teacher at your old school to write a recommendation. Just make sure you give him/her enough time.</p>

<p>I think you can have the two recommendations from the school you are going to graduate from and include recommendations if you wish from teachers who were part of your home school program as part of your homeschool portfolio.</p>

<p>I don't completely understand your question... but did you study foreign language in semesters other than the 2 your homeschooled? If you did, then those teachers would be the first place to look. You could contact your teacher at the old school and/or a more recent foreign language teacher.</p>

<p>What group are you referring to when you say, "My mom filled out the form, but what happens if the group needs a reccomendation from my foreign language teacher at my other school"? Do you mean a college requiring a recommendation from a foreign language teacher? Are you thinking they might want more than one recommendation letter from a foreign language teacher?</p>

<p>As to the homeschooled semesters of foreign language, be sure to send in a thorough course description of what you studied specifically, and the materials/texts/etc. that you used. Also the results of any assessments (including placement tests) that you might have done.</p>


<p>I took French I and II, one semester of each being at homeschool and at regular high school. I did plan on contacting my foreign language teacher from the other school, but we really didnt get a long very well, most of what we did was just memorizing vocabulary (very little speaking skills were learned), and barely a fraction of my potential was reached. </p>

<p>the group that i'm applying to is School Year Abroad (Italy); no use of French is required, they just want to know that I can learn a foreign language (which I learned during my homeschool semesters, but not so much during the HS semesters). </p>

<p>My mom sent in the application with course curriculum and materials, so hopefully that will cover it.</p>