Received a "W" (Unofficial Withdraw)

<p>If you have kept up with some of my problems, you probably know my academic performance has taken a recent turn for the worst.</p>

<p>I once again was unable to perform in my courses this summer; i received one "OW," and one "W," which is an unofficial withdraw - equivalent of an "F," on GPA.</p>

<p>There was confusion on this issue as the instructor had a different withdraw deadline than the school. My other class I was able to withdraw from fine. I had a few issues in my life at this time - medical, transportation, etc.</p>

<p>Does anyone have any advice on trying to fight for an "OW,' or should I just take the loss, see if UNC rescinds my admission, and just move on?</p>

<p>It seems the issue is, the instructor told me when the deadline was.</p>

<p>bump. any advice appreciated.</p>