Received Acceptance to CNU today!

My son received his acceptance letter from CNU today. He was very excited and we are very proud. I think it will be a very good fit for him. Go Captains!!!

I got mine too :slight_smile: do you happen to know when PLP decisions come out?

Congratulations to all.

I think the PLP decisions come out in a couple of weeks.

Congrats! Welcome to the CNU family.

My daughter just received an email this morning notifying her that she is a Presidential Scholar finalist. Good luck to everyone.

I didn’t get an email but i received a letter today saying I got into PLP and received a scholarship as well.

LMHLAW3 my daughter got the same email yesterday, did you ever receive actual paper letters in the mail for it?

When we went down for the interview on the 29th, we were told that an actual acceptance letter will be sent with the scholarship amount and any other perks. Letters will not be sent out to finalists until after all candidates are interviewed, some time after the 12th.

Have any Presidential Scholar finalists heard that they have been selected as scholars?

LMHLAW3 still waiting word here.

D2 didn’t receive the top scholarship but did get a Smithfield Scholarship and a study abroad scholarship. Did anyone else hear yet?

Congrats to D2! The letter came here today too, DD was offered the presidential scholarship and the Oxford summer.

Family Friend offered a space on the waitlist after applying ED…not sure of historical info for CNU waitlist- tips?