Received an email saying to verify my registration? I need to be approved?

I signed up for the SAT last year but never showed up to take the test. I paid and everything and got a print out ticket but personal things came up and I didn’t go or take it.
I signed up a few days ago to take the test on Dec. 4th, and I got an email with my print out ticket.
A day later, I got another email saying I needed to verify my registration, and it was asking me all these weird questions about if I signed up last year to take the test. Why I’m taking the test, if I definitely or probably or won’t use the test scores to apply to college, etc. I clicked “definetly” at 1st, and then it took me to the next page to explain what I plan on doing with the scores. I’m obviously intending to get good scores but then I was thinking, if for some reason they’re really bad, I don’t want to send the scores to colleges. So then I tried to go back and change my answer to “probably will” and it wouldn’t let me. Then at the very end, the last question was “did you have any problems filling out this form?” And I explained that I meant to choose “probably” and that it wouldn’t let me go back. And then it made me agree legally that everything I put on the forum was true.
The email also said I’ll know within a few days if I’ approved, and if not I’ll get a refund and my test will be canceled. Is this normal? Does everyone have to fill out the verification form? Or was I flagged and showing a red flag because I didn’t take the test the 1st time and they might deny me if they think I’m taking the test for a weird purpose?

I think you need to call them. Their system might have flagged your registration based on how you answered questions. Especially when so many tests are being cancelled, and College Board is trying to prioritize students who need to test due to cancellations over possible adults (test prep tutors and the like) who don’t really need to take a test right now.