Received Half Tuition Panther Fund Scholarship, is it worth it for OOS?

I received the Half Tuition Panther Fund Scholarship - $19,848 renewable, so around $80,000 renewable over 4 years. Question is, is it worth it for OOS students? I live in CA and have the option to attend UC for in-state tuition.

How much will my tuition come to after financial aid? From what I’ve read online, it seems the only financial aid rewarded is through merit-based scholarships, loans, and work-study programs.

Also, how easy is it to transfer majors within the College of Engineering? I was admitted into Computer Science in the College of Engineering, but may want to transfer into Computer Engineering or something else later on. What’s the general strength and prestige of the program like?


CA is quite far. I’d be most concerned about living so far away and traveling back and forth for 4 years. OOS students have high transfer rates at universities since they either end up not liking their new surroundings or being so far from their family and friends.

At half-rate, I believe your tuition would be around $10,000 per semester. FIT gives out a lot of work study positions if you don’t mind working while you’re in school. They also sometimes have jobs for students if you don’t do work study.

Half tuition is half; tuition is about $40k so you’d still have about $20k in tuition, and another $14k in room and board. FIT is not a state school so costs are the same for instate or OOS, except that Florida residents are eligible for a few scholarships or grants from the state (Bright Futures, FRAG). There is need based aid if you qualify for it, so merit isn’t the only source of funds.

It’s pretty hard to match UC prices.