Received Letter of Admittance

<p>Hi all..
I just received a letter stating I am going to be admitted to Cornell. The letter also states that the formal admittance letters will be arriving after March 31st. Did anyone else receive?</p>

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<p>the letter is not a likely,,..
it states in the first para. "Your application to Cornell University has been reviewed by the admissions selection committee, and I am writing to let you know that you will be offered admission to Cornell. Although the Ivy League school won't officially notify students of their admissions until later this month, we wanted to share this good new with you now. </p>

<p>After that there the letter talks about visiting, alumni program. etc..</p>



<p>how is that NOT a likely letter?? It's telling the applicant that they WILL be admitted</p>

<p>it's a likely.</p>

<p>Likely means there is a doubt. This is not a likely
I am telling you the letter states in Bold Type that "you will be offered admission to Cornell" and then it states that Ivy League letters wont officially notify you until later this month but wanted to share the good news with you".. the letter then goes on to talk about hoping the advance admission notification to Cornell will encourage you to learn mor about the school.....and visiting and other programs.. etc.</p>

<p>What school were you admitted into?</p>

<p>higherground- a likely letter from all schools is usually stated that way.</p>

<p>ex: see the third post in this Dartmouth thread: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Okay, i am new to the postings... but I read likely different .. anyway to answer I was accepted so far to:
Wash U
Univ of Ill
U of Mich</p>

<p>did everyone else receive the same "likely" and if so what is the difference than waiting two more weeks if it states you will be admitted...</p>

<p>ogt it.. read the Dartmouth thread,, but pls answer this..
if the letter states "You will be admitted admission to Cornell" ,, what difference does it make what you call it.. It is a letter saying you are admitted. Or am I missing something?</p>

<p>something about the ivy league admission letter release day agreement being on March 31st...</p>

<p>Higherground, a likely letter is about as close as you can get to being admitted without actually being admitted. And that's what you received (read "will be accepted.) I've never heard of someone getting a likely letter and being rejected. If you don't get arrested in the next two weeks, you're accepted to Cornell. Like yousonofatree said, the common Ivy League decision day is March 31st, so this technically can't be official.</p>

<p>Well, I am somewhat confused. If you get a letter stating that .. and a statement in the letter that you are getting the letter early, than what doubt is there... also should have mentioned. I was invited to Cornell for a 3 day weekend back in Nov. to see the school. Do I really need to wait unit the end of March.. the letter seems pretty clear.</p>

<p>What is confusing about this? The Ivy League has officially agreed to March 31st as the reply date among all 8 of the schools. Thus no letters (except for the rolling schools at Cornell) can be technically official. For all intensive purposes, you've been admitted. It's just not official yet.</p>

<p>Well thanks Jeydomz.. I am just trying to get through this and pick a college.. it seems way to intense with all the letters or "not letters" by the way .. have you received anything similar.. again I am new to posting and just thought I had good news..</p>

<p>you do have good news... great news.</p>

<p>Zdbu08.. thank you for saying that.. Wow,, I really am confused now..</p>

<p>I got one too. Pwned. Say what you want, but it's as good as the formal admissions letter they send in two weeks in my eyes.</p>

<p>Hey,, thanks for posting,, thought maybe I was reading too much into it.. but the letter is pretty clear and states in bold type also that you will be admitted,, </p>

<p>I really would like to know what the Likely letter states though.. it has to be different because it would not be categorized as "likely"</p>

<p>Another discussion thread on Cornell said people received likely letters for the upcoming Diversity week-end. Were your likely acceptance letters for the Diversity week-end? Which schools were you likely accepted to?</p>