Receiving Admission Answer: Portal or mail?

My daughter is being recruited to play sports at Rowan and we were told by the recruiting coach that she was admitted 2 weeks ago. We have yet to receive any admissions packet in the mail and no change on the admissions portal. We also have been given very vague information from the admissions office. I called on Thursday and we were told that her decision was inputed in the system and the portal should be updated by Friday. However, come today still no change and no mail.

My question is - Does Rowan update the application portal with decisions first or do you receive everything by mail? If anyone has any experience/information it would be greatly appreciated!

Usually, whatever decision you get they post it on your portal. Did you get anything from Rowan mailed to you yet or no?

@AmandaNixon38 Congratulations on your daughter being recruited! We did receive a big envelope in the mail with acceptance letter. I think the merit money letter came within a week. We applied a while ago, so maybe the scholarship money will come with the acceptance. We’ve found that sometimes schools use the portal for information. Good luck!