Receiving Packages at FSU

<p>I get quite a few packages mailed to me (from friends, or businesses). Lets say that I get a small package, about the size of a medium sized flat-rate box from USPS. Is it going to go in to my "U-Box," or will it be handled another way? I'd have to think that the U-Box that we're offered is relatively small. I didn't check out the UPS store or ask any questions when I went up for orientation, as I was busy with other things. I've only ever had to have packages delivered to my home or work place.</p>

<p>They put a paper in your U-Box that tells you to go to the UPS store to pick up your package. You just show them the paper and ID, and they give it to you.</p>

<p>Send letters to your U-box but packages go directly to the dorm. Pick the packages up from the front desk. </p>

<p>See: Packages</a> via Delivery Companies</p>

<p>If your parents are Florida residents they can establish a FedEx account (get a discount if you do this) and ship to FSU overnight (even though it is not guaranteed as with expensive FedEx overnight, we never had a delivery take longer to arrive) with FedEx Home Delivery Service.</p>

<p>Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.</p>

<p>Actually, USPS mail and packages (Parcel Post, Priority Mail) go to the U Box and private packages (UPS, FEDEX) go to the dorm.</p>

<p>They actually just changed the policy this year. Everything, including UPS and Fedex, now gets sent to your U-Box. No personal packages get sent to the residence halls anymore.</p>

<p>^ Yeah, I was just going to ask that since the mailing info. sheet we received in the mail didn't give any specifications for how to do anything but have mail sent to our u-box. </p>


<p>Too bad. The campus post office was slow when I was a student and was slow with my daughters. We came to avoid it if possible.</p>

<p>Hopefully campus mail operations will improve.</p>

<p>I received my package to Ragans like last monday, when did they change the policy? This will be annoying -_-</p>

<p>Ragans may be different since it's apt style. It will suck though; lines will be even longer.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info. This is indeed a new policy.<br>

U.S. mail is delivered to the FSU Post Office in the Oglesby Union. Address U.S. mail to:</p>

<p>Student's Name
75 N. Woodward Ave
U-Box # _____ (Five digit box number)
Tallahassee , FL 32313</p>

<p>How do I receive packages on campus?</p>

<p>Packages being delivered by USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. should be addressed to the student's U.S. mail address provided above. Packages will be accepted by the UPS Store across from student mailboxes in the Oglesby Union. When packages arrive students will be notified with a notice in their mailbox and an email. Student will need a picture ID to pickup their package.


<p>This is most inconvenient. When D lived in the dorms, I used UPS as she could pick up a package at the dorm desk 24/7. The hours at the campus post office and the distance to walk with a heavy box makes this an unpopular change, and will delay getting things to your student. Students get busy and lazy, and that package of cookies or fruit or cheese is gonna be sitting at the post office, and in some cases spoiling or going stale......</p>