Receiving the Blue Eli Account Activation Letter and Local Alumni Interviews

<p>So I got my letter, set up my account, but wonder about local alumni interviews...</p>

<p>...they wrote the name of the local ASC director, his address, and contact info; am I to be contacted by him for an interview, and scheduling it, or do I contact him first?</p>

<p>Can someone explain who's already had an interview? Thanks!</p>

<p>You wait to be contacted, usually.
If extended time passes without a contact, then you can contact the local director.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot! As I suspected!</p>

<p>What's wierd is they sent me two letters! Maybe if they they reject me, they have another file open for me! LOL, imagine that--2x the cances ^_^ LOL, j/k.</p>

<p>what is considered an extended amount of time ... a month, two?</p>

<p>For RD: give it at least 2-3 weeks.</p>

<p>I'd wait until mid January. With the holiday season and year end craziness in a lot of businesses, your local ASC director may not have contacted interviewers as his/her top priority.</p>

<p>FYI, the date interview reports are due for RD is March 1. There's plenty of time.</p>