Recent activity...

It seems that some posters (most posters) have their recent activity noted on their profile (ie when they last logged on) but not all. How is that controlled?

Hi jym626…it may have to do with when the member last logged in. There really isn’t an option to hide activity.

Thats just it, Lenitus-- some posters profiles show their recent activity when last logged on) and some don’t. How is that possible??
Thanks as always

I was just saying that perhaps members who haven’t logged in for a certain amount of time don’t have this information displayed on their profile. In other words, if they have no recent activity (i.e. haven’t logged in for a year), there would be nothing to display.

Thanks- but the particular person another poster and I happened to look up had been on earlier that day or the day before (I forget) but there is no “recent activity” with time/dated last logged on at all.

One poster just started a new thread today-- but there is still nothing showing “recent activity” on their profile pg. How can this be?