Recent changes at BSC?

<p>I've read that there have been some financial mismanagement issues at BSC, causing the previous pres to resign and appointing a new pres. Is anyone familiar with how that will effect the college? Financial aid? Teachers leaving? Students leaving? Losing programs or sports?</p>

<p>my daughter will be a freshman there in August- Everything is fine- they have a great new president- General Charles Krulak and just got a new CFO of finance- everything is getting better and better- they did delter a few majors- French I know and had to let some teachers go about 2 years ago- it is still a great school and seems to be doing well..</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply. What other schools did your daughter consider? I have a rising junior, we live in GA. Sorry to ask, but did your daughter receive either need or merit based aid, and do you know if their aid suffered with their problems?</p>

<p>she looked at Auburn (Rollins, Stetson and Eckerd)- all in Fla- she did recieve Merit aid- as far as I know it is still being handed out- alumnae at BSC is huge and that's where a good bit of the merit comes from.</p>

<p>It is alot less $$ than other schools such as Sewannee, Furman, Wofford. it is about 20k a year with her merit and PACT-
check out the link I posted in new thread-just read this on BSC site</p>

<p>That list sounds familiar - we're looking at them too. We'll definitely have to visit BSC. Thanks.</p>

@hlsess‌ how does your D like it? We got a postcard inviting S to audition for theatre scholarships. We will be in Birmingham that weekend at Montevallo so we might try to do both.