Recent Grad from Johns Hopkins - B.S. Computer Science & B.A. English. Happy to answer anything about Johns Hopkins!

I have helped with 40+ students in the past 5 years getting into colleges / grad schools. Ask me anything!

How is the Baltimore location? I haven’t really heard great things about it…

Do you know anything about the astronomy/astrophysics program? Also in sciences, how easy or common is it for undergrads to get involved in research? Thanks

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Not the best city on earth, but Hopkins has tried really hard to keep students safe. On and off-campus securities are there 24/7.

During my 4.5 years there I found things are better than I have imagined. My advice would be to stay closer to the campus and try to avoid dangerous areas if you can. Hope this helps!

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I might not be the best person to ask about this because I’ve only taken 2 physics classes at Hopkins to fulfill my science requirements. However, one class I have taken was called Stars and Universe with Professor Adam Riess, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2011. I heard from my friends from our Physics and Astronomy department that it is a very prestigious program and a lot of opportunities are offered to undergraduate students.

If research is something you are truly interested in, Hopkins might be a great place for you. From my experience and from people around me, I think it’s not hard for undergraduate students to get research opportunities at Hopkins. In fact, research is a huge part of our life here, and people are able to join a lab or two if they want. The professors are very nice and supportive. I studied computer science as one of my majors - I don’t consider myself to be smart or good at coding, but I was able to work at a robotics lab because I just wanted to get more exposure. I didn’t end up publishing any paper because I found out it wasn’t my aspiration, but most of my friends did end up having 2+ publications if they want to get very involved.

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Hi, I am a recent graduate (AMS/CS/CogSci) at Hopkins, and currently a CS PhD at Cornell. The physics department at Hopkins is relatively small but really good. I only took a few classes for interest, but the teachers I met were super intelligent and good at teaching. As @2k16 said, Adam Riess is there, and that’s a big name in astrophysics. I don’t think there is a specific astrophysics major, but the physics department at Hopkins definitely focus on astrophysics since we are close to the control center for the Hubble space telescope.

As for research, it’s super easy! You just need to find professors with common interest and email them! Most of them are super happy to have you onboard. I worked with 2 professors during my time there, both are super supportive and actually cared about me! I met one professor my freshmen year and end up working with him until I graduate. In general, Hopkins is known for being a research institute, so you really don’t need to worry about research opportunities.

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I am an admitted student for JHU 27 Computer Science, would you be able to speak with me on zoom about Hopkins?